Certified IFS Therapist

Internal Family Systems therapy :
'All Parts Are Welcome'

Certified HeartMath Coach

Did you know that increasing your HRV helps improve your overall health and feelings of well-being? Michele can help you improve your Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Click below to find out more.

Certified EMDR Therapist

Advanced training using EMDR
For resolution of trauma and developmental deficits.

Michele Lucas - Comprehensive Integrated Psychotherapy

My personal philosophy is “…therapy is a vehicle to help us find our way when we feel lost; to help us recognize and attend to our needs in the spiritual, emotional, physical and relational realms of life.  I create the kind of professional environment for clients that I want for my loved ones and myself. Most important, respect, support and hope are the cornerstones of the process.”

“No matter how frightening or intractable a problem looks when it first comes to light…at the very next shift it may be quite different. Nothing that feels bad is ever the last step.”
… Eugene Gendlin, Focusing

Thank you for visiting Comprehensive Integrated Psychotherapy (CIP).

CIP integrates a broad spectrum of psychotherapeutic modalities, positive psychology principles, energy psychology methods and spirituality to promote self-awareness, self-directedness, goal achievement and mind-body balance.

Becoming a psychotherapist came to me in mid-life, born out of my own needs for support and guidance along my life path. I have raised five children and been a working mother and wife. My psychotherapy practice is grounded in and reflects my life experience, education and clinical experience. My passion and energy are now divided between working with the wonderful people I get to know through my psychotherapy practice, and my family, which includes nine grandchildren.

I’ve been in practice since 1992 and serve people in Fairfield County, CT and Westchester County, NY; and others who live abroad via Skype.  I am licensed by the State of Connecticut Health Department as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified by the Institute of HeartMath® as a 1 to 1 HeartMath® Coach and Stopping Emotional Eating® Provider. If you would like more information about Comprehensive Integrated Psychotherapy, please contact me via e-mail at therapydoeswork@yahoo.com or phone at 203-852-9874.

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