Dear Michele, Hypnosis for pain management and the hypnosis relaxation tape you made for me truly changed my experience of having cancer and receiving chemotherapy. The Internal Family Systems work helped me come to terms with parts of myself I haven’t wanted to accept. And it prepared me for saying good-bye to my children and husband. I appreciate your healing gifts and your unwavering support, encouragement and motivation over these difficult months. Thank you. Love.


Dear Michele, …I miss you very much. It’s hard to talk to some people, but you are very different. A rare, incredible person, with a gift to help others, and your philosophy helped me. When you showed me the Internal Family Systems way of looking at myself, it was the first time I ever felt good about myself. I didn’t know I could change so much and feel so much better. Thank you for being different, very kind and consoling in your work. I miss talking with you and seeing you. Sincerely.


Michele, Thanks for all your help and insight. When I came to you my phobia had taken all the joy out of my life. I really didn’t think I could ever get over it and have my life be normal again. Then we did the work with EMDR and I couldn’t believe the change is such a short period of time. You’ll be glad to know I’m driving everywhere and all by myself. Thank you for helping me get my old self back.


Dear Michele, I just wanted to let you know the incredible experience I had after our session with Neuro Emotioinal Technique. On my way home while I was driving on the highway, it was as if a window opened up in my consciousness and in a flash I my entire age 12 experience. There were so many things I hadn’t remembered that happened at age 12. When I got home I cried for two hours and when I stopped I was so calm. I’ve never had an experience like that. Thank you for being so supportive to me in the process of our work together. Peace.

L. K.

Dear Michele, When I started therapy with you I was surprised almost immediately. I’d never had experiential therapy, what you called Gestalt Therapy; and had no clue what it was going to be like. Well, I want to thank you because it’s been the most energetic psychotherapy I’ve ever had. I feel I’ve learned so much about myself and changed so much in the process. I’d never go back to plain talk therapy again. Thanks.

H. D.

Dear Michele, Thanks the introducing me to the HeartMath work. It’s enriched my life in so many ways. Probably the most important way is that I’m no longer so focused on what’s not working in my life. My wife says I’m a different person, one she likes better. Applying the HeartMath tools is helping me float above everyday minutia and I’m calmer in spite of my problems. I’ll keep at it.


Dear Michele, When we first me, I was anxious it was hard for me to get through each day. The strategies you taught me through Hypnosis and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction have saved my life. Thanks.

G. F.

Michele, When we began seeing you for problems in our relationship, we both feared we might not be right for each other. Thanks for helping us understand ourselves and each other better through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator work with our personality preferences. It’s made all the difference in the world in how we see differently in our relationship. Thanks you.


Dear Michele, I wanted to write and let you know I’m in a new job and doing really well. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator helped me understand the concept of differences in personality and accept differences as normal. Perhaps the most helpful to me personally is what I learned about myself and others in relationship through the FIRO-B instrument. The result is I’m more flexible and less prone to personalizing comments other people make. I have a much broader perspective now and it’s helping me get along better in my new position. Thanks.


Hello, Michele, As you know, we are in therapy with you currently addressing the problems we’re having in our marriage. We’ve been to couples therapy a few times before and frankly I wasn’t very optimistic when we began yet again with you. But I’m pleasantly surprised, not because all our problems are solved, but because your whole approach is so different. As you take us through the Emotionally Focused Therapy process, we both end up feeling each other. It’s like in the movie, Avatar, when they say, “I see you.” I feel seen by my husband for the first time in a very long time. I’m excited to continue and I think he is too. Thank you.


Dear Michele, What a difference this HeartMath work has made in my life. As I apply the tools, I’m discovering that almost spontaneously I don’t even think about things the way I used to. Somehow, I’m just being in everyday rather than worrying about what’s going to happen or how I’m going to get things done.

R. S.