Therapy Modalities

Therapy Modalities

Michele Lucas, LCSW, BCD, SEP integrates experiential therapy modalities/models with main stream models of psychotherapy. Michele believes the specific contribution of experiential models lies in the attention paid to the interplay among, and integration of neurophysiological and psychological processes in our brain-body system and consciousness, as it unfolds in the moment.

Through the use of imagery, role play, attention to communication patterns, and emotional and somatic processes together with other experiential strategies, corrective emotional and relational experiences are created during the therapy session. The result is measurable change in the neurophysiological, relational and behavioral footprints of past experiences.

It can be confusing, even for those in the mental health field, to understand what various models of therapy have to offer and how they differ; and to choose what’s right for you. The fact that so many models of therapy have developed is a testimony to how complex we are as human beings, and I feel a responsibility to understand as much as I can…Michele Lucas





Why seek psychotherapy?

Two great reasons for seeking psychotherapy are to clear blocks that keep you from moving ahead in your life, and/or for adding new dimensions to the quality of your life.

People seek psychotherapy with Michele Lucas for many reasons, each unique to personal needs and life circumstances at the time. For example, those seeking to resolve problems that limit full participation in life, such as…

  • anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thoughts and/or compulsive behaviors;
  • depression or difficulty controlling mood swings;
  • angry feelings and reactive behaviors; or
  • when there is difficulty coping with grief, loss; or with acute or chronic pain.
  • When conflict is harming personal or professional relationships; or when the struggle with low self-esteem, negative body image or the internal critic is taking over.
  • When pain becomes chronic and depletes the inner resources that support functioning and the will to go on another day.

People also seek therapy to change habitual self-defeating behaviors, like smoking or disturbed eating patterns; and for life trauma which can lead to Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

When we experience difficulties, restoring our sense of inner balance can happen easier and faster when we open to receiving help in a time of need.
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