Life Coaching

Expanding Your Possibilities

Michele Lucas, LCSW, BCD, SEP, through her Holistic Integrated Psychotherapy practice, offers Life Coaching that extend possibilities for human potential. When applied, these modalities will help to improve your mental and physical health, the quality of your relationships, goal achievement, and your ability to tap into extended realms of innate human potential.

Everyone has a story that seems to be at the root of who they are. For me, it is “just knowing” as a child that there was something wrong about me, but what? I didn’t know. While I couldn’t know it then, a felt sense of wrongness was the root that ultimately blossomed into the fullness of my adult being. My journey has had many twists and taken many turns, and it’s still unfolding. At its heart is my personal outcome – being a Clinical Social Worker and psychotherapist… Michele Lucas, LCSW, BCD, SEP

The fields of Psychology and mental health are finally recognizing the importance of the infinite possibilities that exist within the complexity of a human being. This is a paradigm shift, and the development of a relatively new area of study and practice called Positive Psychology is but one example of this good news.
Of course, many therapy modalities, and the field of Social Work as a whole, have always recognized the importance of addressing the whole person. After graduating from Columbia University’s School of Social Work, Michele Lucas attended the Gestalt Center of Long Island where she earned her Certification as a Gestalt Therapist. Gestalt Therapy is all about our being a whole that is greater than the sum of our individual parts.
In the intervening years, Michele continued to seek first-hand experience and learn therapy models that exist at the boundary of human consciousness and potential – that address the whole person. This was the impetus for founding Holistic Integrated Psychotherapy in 1992.
Michele experienced, and then achieved mastery in, the therapy models she presents here. They helped her and she believes they can help you also. For more information about a specific modality, click on that item.

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